is a volunteer run tax-deductible 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization 
...Building the Outdoor Accessible Economy

Our Mission:  
Promoting Community Accessibility, Adaptive Recreation, Business Profitability, and
Advocating for the Rights of People With Disabilities!

Our Purpose:
We provide services positively impacting quality of life, offer non-binding resources, tools, and guidance assisting businesses, government, organizations, communities, etc
inventory, improve, and promote Accessible (meeting ADA/ABA standards) & Adaptive Friendly infrastructure/opportunities, help better serve residents', visitors', and clientele's needs,
grow sustainable livable economies, and affect positive change

Our Vision:
Building the Outdoor Accessible Economy transitioning the Appalachian region from a general lack of Accessible infrastructure into a favored Accessible travel destination / region to reside
...So we can share what we love about our communities with People of All Abilities!

We Assist:
Public Accommodations (all entities offering goods or services to the public),
government, community groups, organizations, individuals, etc...

- Inventory, improve, and promote Accessible & Adaptive Friendly infrastructure
- Improve Customer Service and Access within Facilities / Services
- Gain Accessible Market $ales (better serve a lucrative market, grow clientele, and increasing profits)
- Improve quality of life through building more sustainable and livable communities


Our Process:
AOTG provides free Accessibility Improvement Tool Kits, Technologies, and Training to assist

Land / Operations Managers, Orgs, etc

-Conduct (ADA/ABA) Accessibility Self-Assessments
(to identify barriers preventing Equal Access to Goods and Services)

- Create and Implement Accessibility Transition Plans
(to plan, fund, and fix Readily Removable Barriers preventing equal access to goods / services)

- Document and promote Accessible Features & Future Opportunities
(for building additional Adaptive opportunities and Accessible Infrastructure)

Individuals, Volunteers, Partners, and Collaborators

- Inventory Accessible infrastructure and current Barriers preventing equal Access to goods & services

- Effectively advocate for Necessary Improvements and distribute free Accessibility Improvement Tool Kits & Resources to assist future partners (businesses, government, orgs, etc.) complete Necessary Improvements

- Recruit and Train new Volunteers & Partners to grow the project to create positive change on a regional scale