Access On The Go (WV On The Go Inc) is a volunteer run tax-deductible 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization

Promoting Community Accessibility, Adaptive Recreation,
Business Profitability, and Advocating for the Rights of People With Disabilities!

We provide services positively impacting quality of life, offer non-binding resources, tools, and guidance assisting businesses, government, organizations, communities, etc
inventory, improve, and promote Accessible (meeting ADA/ABA standards) & Adaptive Friendly infrastructure/opportunities, help better serve residents', visitors', and clientele's needs,
grow sustainable livable economies, and affect positive change

...So we can share what we love about our communities with People of All Abilities!

We offer...

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... Assisting Public Accommodations (all entities offering goods or services to the public),
government, community groups, organizations, individuals, etc.

- Inventory, document, improve, and promote existing Accessible & Adaptive Friendly infrastructure
- Conduct Accessibility Self-assessments to identify barriers preventing Equal Access to Goods and Services
- Implement Accessibility Transition Plans, fund, and fix Readily Removable Barriers
- Improve Customer Service and Access within Facilities and Services
- Gain Accessible Market $ales (better serving a huge lucrative market, growing clientele, and increasing profits)
- Improve quality of life through building more sustainable and livable communities