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A person riding an Adaptive Mountain Bike. They are wearing a black and yellow jersey and the background is blurry.

Access On The Go

Building The Outdoor Accessible Economy

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All Videos


We promote community accessibility, adaptive recreation and business profitability.  We advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and welcome the accessible market.


We are transforming the Appalachian region into a favored Accessible travel destination, and making it possible to share what we love about our communities with people of ALL abilities.


We empower people to make accessibility a priority.  Your journey towards accessibility starts HERE.

Our Work

Access On The Go is dedicated to promoting accessibility and adaptive recreation opportunities throughout the Appalachian region. We are committed to making our towns, communities, and natural landscapes accessible to people of ALL abilities.

Two Creature Craft whitewater rafts on the river with trees lining the water.
a person using a wheelchair on an outdoor hiking path

Tools For Change

Your support is crucial in helping us make a difference. Join us in our mission to enhance accessibility and promote inclusivity for all.

Past Projects

Discover the work we have suported in the past.  Get inspired about how you can make accessibility a reality in your own community.

Who We Work With

We work at all scales.  From small business owners to federal agencies, we can help you advance accessibility and adaptive recreation.

Six Adaptive Athletes posing after a race holding flowers. Some are using wheelchairs.
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